Smart solution for security and protection

JABLOTRON Mercury is a professional IP security system designed to protect family homes, small shops, offices, and businesses.
System with intuitive control that will protect you from break-ins and the elements.



Smart solution for security and protection

Security and protection


JABLOTRON Mercury can alert the owner of possible break-ins (windows or doors opening, breaking of glass panels, movement of people inside the building). In addition, it can detect imminent fire or flood hazards.

Control options

JABLOTRON Mercury offers several control options that can be combined according to the preferences of individual users. All methods are intuitive, so everyone will quickly become familiar with its use.
The system uses traffic light logic: green - DISARMED, red - ARMED

MyJABLOTRON Application
Remote control
RFID card / tag

MyJABLOTRON application

Is designed for smartphones (iOS or Android) and allows you to control and check the alarm from anywhere. Thanks to push notifications, e-mails or SMS, you know about every alert immediately. In the application, you can view current information, event history and alarm photos.

Apple Store Google Play


alarm control

Immediate notification
of events

Important information
available at any time

Device control

Remote alarm control

Immediate notification of events

Important information available at any time

Device control


Professional installation


JABLOTRON Mercury is a professional security system designed and installed by specialists - our certified installation partners, who will provide you with comprehensive services including subsequent regular service inspections. This guarantees reliable and efficient operation of the system for your peace of mind and safety.

Residential and commercial solution


JABLOTRON Mercury includes a wide range of optional components and accessories bringing modern security solution for homes and small sized businesses.

JABLOTRON Mercury can be installed in several ways. In completed and furnished buildings, wireless installation is carried out. This method is friendly to the interior and does not require any construction modifications. In new and refurbished buildings, installation is usually performed using a combination of wired and wireless methods.

IP alarm with added features


JABLOTRON Mercury uses Internet Protocol (IP) to transfer data to the Cloud and then to the mobile app, ensuring secure, fast and reliable communication.

With remote access, you can monitor the system status, receive alerts and perform operations such as arming/disarming the alarm via the mobile app.

JABLOTRON Mercury is equipped with integrated connectivity and automatically selects a mobile operator with the best coverage. This makes the alarm‘s communication resistant to outages of individual mobile networks.

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