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Company and public holidays 2019

We would like to inform you that Jablotron offices are closed during Czech public holidays and Company holidays.

Your orders and e-mails received on those days will then be processed chronologically.

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New prices for batteries

Starting from July 1., 2018 Jablotron is changing the prices for selected batteries:

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News – June 2016

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News – January 2017

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  • BAT-3V0-CR123A
  • BAT-3V6-R20
  • BAT-3V0-CR2354
  • BAT-3V0-CR2032
  • BAT-4V8
  • BAT-6
  • BAT-4V8-N900
  • BAT-3V6-N170
  • BAT-3V6-AL18650
  • BAT-9-A

For more information please download the new price list.

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News – June 2016

Come see the new features that JABLOTRON has prepared for June 2016. They’re truly large in scope and number. Our main goal in developing them was to make control and communication with your JABLOTRON 100 system much easier. But we also haven’t left out design.

We’ve put some effort into a new line of PIR detectors and their accessories. Besides having a clean design, they also offer a wide range of installation options, from standard room-corner placement to partial embedding in a ceiling via a jointed bracket.

The new version of JABLOTRON 100 control panels with 3G data communication enables flexible setup and intelligent protection, for homes and summer houses to large residential and administrative complexes that need a system with many sections. The main gain of adding a 3G GSM module to a control panel is its increased speed when sending data to MyJABLOTRON and ARCs.

For Apple lovers, the latest version of MyJABLOTRON offers an Apple Watch application, plus TouchID support for login and control. A new option for endless graphs has been added, and the Logbook has also been improved. The MyCOMPANY application has new functions to add ease and clarity to your customer care. They include e.g. user code changes and the blocking and turning off of a peripheral. The MyCOMPANY web app now lets installation companies use hierarchical settings for the roles and rights of individual users and application modules.

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News – January 2017

With the coming of the new year, JABLOTRON has a number of new products, lead by new room thermostats. You’ll also find a bus amplifier and a signal repeater, new PIR detectors, and an all-in-one monitoring solution for JABLOTRON devices.

The new JA-110TP / JA-150TP room thermostat expands the JABLOTRON 100’s capabilities concerning home automation of simple zone regulation. It uses standard control panel PG outputs for heater switching. Up to four thermostats can be connected to this panel. Since it’s connected to the JABLOTRON 100 system, it also offers automatic switching to economy temperature when a property is set, and blocking the heater when a window is open. Thanks to its good MyJABLOTRON integration, you can also remotely control your thermostat and see its current status.

The Security Data Connector service provides a reliable, unlimited data connection between MyJABLOTRON and JABLOTRON 100 control panels. Installation is very simple – after automatically recognizing your SIM card the system adjusts all the settings on its own. The automatic selection of the strongest available operator is another major advantage. The added monthly cost is a mere 3 €.

Another attractive new device, the unidirectional JA-150R repeater, extends the communication distance and increases the transmission reliability in large installations. There’s also the JA-120Z bus amplifier, to extend the wiring length and galvanically isolate the bus. Also noteworthy are the JA-120PC PIR motion detector with a 90° photo-verification camera, and the JA-ARC1, a simple and clear all-in-one monitoring solution designed for the JA-100, JA-80, AZOR, ATHOS, and the EYE-02 system that communicate via JABLOTRON CLOUD services.

Even the control panel firmware has an attractive new feature: it now supports wireless firmware updates for wireless peripherals. The MyJABLOTRON application has also seen some improvements. The device list now offers a line-by-line device listing with no statuses or updates, which will be especially welcomed by users with large device counts. In the web version, you can also search by device name.

Come take a look at our new website as well. You’ll find all the technical information on our products and services, plus news from the field, in a special section of our site dedicated directly to you, our installation partners.

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Make business operations easier with MyCOMPANY

Remote device maintenance, creation of professional quotes, an online course, database, and materials for download. This and much more can be done through our free mobile and web app MyCOMPANY created for our installation partners.

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Our flagship - the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system, offers more than 100 products.

83 thousand devices

Devices that are remotely accessed by our partners through the MyCOMPANY app.

7 years

For all products, besides the 2-year warranty, you also get up to 5 years of extended servicing support.

Work with the latest technology

Offer your clients the best devices and gain an advantage over your competitors.

JA-163A RB Wireless outdoor battery powered siren

The JA-163A RB siren is a component of the JABLOTRON 100+ system. It is used to indicate alarms outdoors and for supplementary acoustic indication. The siren is powered by a lithium battery, completely without the need of any external power supply.

JA-118M BUS module for magnetic detectors - 8 inputs

The module provides 8 inputs designed especially for connecting magnetic detectors. Installation into a JA-190PL universal multipurpose box is recommended (or into a KU-68 wall –mounted universal box).

JA-110Z-D Multiposition bus terminal module

It is designed to connect the conductors of complex bus installations of the JABLOTRON 100+ system. It can be divided into two independent bus branches by the disconnection of jumpers.

JA-153E Wirelss access module with RFID and keypad

The JA-153E is a two-way wireless keypad module with RFID reader to operate a security system. Contains one operating segment and, if needed, can be equipped with up to 20 JA-192E control segments.

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