IMPORTANT - Please note

Dear Customers,
We are obliged to warn you of the serious risk of fire that may be caused by having a non-original lithium battery in the JA-80A and JA-180A models of Jablotron wireless sirens. We therefore ask all JA-80A and JA-180A siren users to inspect and replace the lithium battery with alkaline batteries.

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IMPORTANT - Please note

Dear Customers,
We are obliged to warn you of the serious risk of fire that may be caused by having a non-original lithium battery in the JA-80A and JA-180A models of Jablotron wireless sirens. We therefore ask all JA-80A and JA-180A siren users to inspect and replace the lithium battery with alkaline batteries.

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Read carefully


The Situation

Recently, we have recorded some very dangerous cases of the 6V lithium battery in the JA-80A and JA-180A wireless sirens catching fire. In one case, there is even reason to suspect that the battery catching fire caused a house to catch fire. A detailed analysis revealed that the prescribed, safe BAT-80A SAFT 6V lithium batteries were not used in the sirens. Clearly, because these brand batteries are so expensive, poor quality substitutes have appeared on the market, and even counterfeits, which falsely state that they are intended for Jablotron sirens. Technically, the problem is that 6V technology requires that the two lithium cells be in series inside the battery. If unsuitable cells are connected to the series, one of them will catch fire very intensely over time (due to the polarity reversal process of the cell with lower capacity). Therefore, the newer wireless sirens (JA-163A series) use lithium batteries that contain just one cell (3.6V) and thus pose no risk at all.


We recommend that all mounted JA-80A and JA-180A type sirens be checked immediately. If a battery other than the original BAT-80A SAFT battery is connected to the siren, it must be replaced with an original battery purchased from the Jablotron distribution network. Since it is not possible to completely prevent dangerous substitutes from entering the market (some fakes cannot be easily distinguished from the originals at first glance), we strongly recommend switching to alkaline batteries (if it is not an original battery in the siren, then immediately, otherwise the next time the battery is replaced). A special holder, the BH-80A, is supplied within the Jablotron distribution network for switching to alkaline batteries. 5 common alkaline cells of 1.5V type C (LR-14) are inserted into this holder. The advantage of switching to alkaline batteries is that they are safe, are significantly cheaper than lithium batteries, and are sold in most shops. The disadvantage is that the typical life of alkaline batteries in the siren will fall from 3 to approximately 2 years.

Please note

According to sales statistics for the replacement of genuine lithium batteries, it appears that highly hazardous fake batteries may well be used in a significant percentage of the installed sirens of this type. Jablotron is talking to the competent authorities about a possible information campaign to alert the public to the risk of highly dangerous batteries. We therefore recommend that you check the batteries in your sirens as soon as possible. In accordance with current EU legislation, the responsibility for potential damage lies with the person who knowingly or unknowingly connected an unsuitable battery to the siren. Jablotron does not reimburse checking the batteries (it has not supplied unsuitable batteries to the market), but offers authorized installers a free BH-80A holder for switching to alkaline batteries.

What to do?

We recommend that you entrust battery inspection and replacement to a professional installer. If you decide to inspect the battery yourself, please follow the safety measures in the video tutorial. During the inspection it is a real necessity to have physical protection against burns in the event of a faulty battery suddenly igniting. Please note, under no circumstances should you remove the siren cover without the alarm being in Maintenance mode or Service mode.


Ask us

We hope that the inspection and possible replacement of the batteries went without complications. We trust you appreciate our sincere efforts to protect you against this unexpected risk. If you have any doubts whatsoever, read the FAQ for non-genuine batteries.

How can I tell if the problem is also related to my alarm and what should I do?

If you are not totally sure, check with your installer to see if your system contains a JA-80A or JA-180A siren. If this is the case, ask for an inspection and replace the lithium batteries with alkaline batteries.

If you are not sure, watch the video on this website. If your siren cover looks different, then it is certain that this problem does not concern you. If the siren cover is the same as the one in the video, we recommend ordering an inspection from your installer to reliably determine whether or not a battery replacement is required.

Can the same problem occur with another product?

In the case of Jablotron products, the risk of burns caused by using unsuitable lithium batteries applies solely to JA-80A and JA-180A sirens, which use 6V technology. Other products contain other batteries that do not have the risk of a dangerous polarity reversal.

What should I do if I no longer have a contact for the installer or I installed it myself?

If you no longer have a contact for the installer, or if you are replacing batteries yourself for the older JA-80 Oasis system, then contact your Jablotron supplier. They will provide you with a BH-80A holder for replacing it on your own. Alternatively, they will give you a contact for a local installer who will make an inspection and replace the battery. We recommend this solution. You can also fill out the contact form on this page and we will provide you with a contact for a suitable supplier.

Why can't I continue to use lithium batteries from Jablotron? Are they dangerous?

Older original BAT-80A batteries with a protective disconnector and, in particular, the original BAT-80A SAFT batteries, which have been supplied since June 2016, are completely safe and Jablotron guarantees their proper operation.

Unfortunately, some counterfeits on the market are so confusing that they can be mistaken for genuine batteries in good faith, giving rise to a high risk of fire. Since we cannot stop the sale of non-original batteries, we see the only way to truly protect our customers is to replace lithium batteries with alkaline batteries, which have a smaller capacity but are significantly cheaper and, most of all, completely safe.

Are alkaline batteries really safe?

Yes, correctly installed alkaline batteries in the holder supplied by Jablotron (BH-80A) are absolutely safe in JA-80A / JA-180A sirens and cannot endanger the user or their property in any way.

Is it possible to buy alkaline cells, type C, for JA-80A / JA-180A sirens directly from Jablotron?

Considering the fact that these alkaline batteries are readily available in most shops, Jablotron has not included them in its distribution network.

What kind of alkaline batteries do you recommend?

Any standard alkaline C cells (LR-14) 1.5V from reputable manufacturers can be used in the sirens. It is important that all the cells are new and the same type (manufacturer). Avoid using any type of cells (other than 1.5V alkaline) size C, as cells with a different chemical composition are not suitable for outdoor use and it could therefore significantly shorten their life.

Does Jablotron pay any compensation for inspecting or replacing batteries?

No, Jablotron is very sorry about the matter and is working hard to protect its clients’ safety with an information campaign and other steps. However, it cannot pay to control the risks associated with dangerous counterfeit batteries occurring on the market. As a certain form of compensation for our clients and business partners, we have designed and supplied free special purpose holders needed to replace lithium batteries with alkaline batteries.

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