Come see our new features for 2017

01/06/17 News

JABLOTRON is bringing its customers a number of new features in the new year – our new room thermostats stand out among them. The MyJABLOTRON application is no slacker here – it’s seen several improvements to provide our customers even greater convenience.


Running late and didn’t turn off the heater? Want your home already heated up when you arrive? Control the heating in your home with a JABLOTRON 100 alarm. Just have a room thermostat and a control module installed in your system. This thermostat also offers an automatic transition to economy heating when you set your security system, and switching off your heater when a window is open. You can even monitor and regulate the temperature remotely with MyJABLOTRON.

For a reliable and unlimited data connection between this application and the JABLOTRON 100 alarm, there’s the Security Data Connector service. With this service, you never have to worry about quality or speed or the amount of data transferred, and so you have access to your alarm from everywhere. The system also checks that the device is working and logs any signal outages. The added monthly cost is a mere 3 €.

Using MyJABLOTRON is easier than ever. The device list now offers a line-by-line listing stripped of device states and sharing information. Users with a large number of devices will especially appreciate this listing, since the list now loads up to twice as fast. We’ve also enhanced the application’s web version with searches by device name.

Come take a look at our new website. Besides a modern design and new features, it also offers attractive, easy-to-read content that we’ve adapted to your needs. On our new site, you’ll quickly and easily find everything you want to know about our products and services, as well as tips and inspiration on security equipment.

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