What have cupcakes, holiday chalets and gated communities got in common?


The answer is the flexible JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system. In a continuation of our alarm story series, we look at some really interesting situations our alarms find themselves in. Read about making holidaymakers comfortable and secure in their luxury chalets, keeping cupcakes safe for consumers, and huge-scale access control in an exclusive gated community.


Moravian holiday village

In deepest misty Moravia in the Czech Republic, there is a popular vacation village of 10 chalets with our JABLOTRON 100+ system fully integrated for guest security and comfort. Guests access their chalet with their very own code with no keys to lose. Smart floor heating controlled by thermostats gives a warm welcome, and even turns off the heating when windows are left open, saving a fortune on bills. Smoke and flood detectors monitor for environmental threats, and after longer human inactivity all the doors are locked against intruders.

On guests leaving the chalet, the alarm is set and turns off low priority electricity circuits. And lastly guests can order services by entering special codes, e.g. cleaning, technical help, reception. An SMS is automatically sent to the relevant staff with the chalet address, for efficient service delivery. The JABLOTRON 100+ system pays for itself many times over, with savings on staffing levels, heating and electricity bills, and minimum guest complaints

Keeping cupcakes safe

In sunny coastal Spain there is a large high-tech factory making delicious traditional cupcakes that everyone would like to get their teeth into. Naturally, tight security is needed to guard this precious produce and the JABLOTRON 100+ has come to the rescue by providing precision access. Each member of staff, authorized visitor and security guard has a unique RFID access card which triggers door opening upon application to the reader. The JABLOTRON 100+ helps the company 24/7 with security, general access control and ensuring only the right people get near the hygienic production area.

Bringing access control to a whole new level

In Vizcaya in Northern Spain, there exists a large exclusive gated community. Vehicle access is controlled by individual RFID cards being presented to RFID readers to open the main access gate. Pedestrians are checked in the same way, with their own controlled electric gateway. Up to 600 users can be registered, and a log is recorded of who and when, which can be remotely read for review anytime by supervisors, thereby upholding the community’s hard-earned reputation for family safety and comfort, and ensuring the influx of future paying clients

This is just a small taste of the huge versatility of the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system and our professional installers. If you need an unusual and challenging alarm solution, don’t hesitate to contact your local JABLOTRON installer. They will be delighted to help.

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