Operate your garage door smartly and easily


Save time and worries and stop searching for the remote control from the garage or in your bag several times a day. Thanks to a clever solution from Jablotron, the garage door will react to you reliably even without using a remote. Just flash your high beams and the door will open automatically whenever you need it.


The principle is simple and can be used not only at the garage, but also at an entrance gate or arm barrier. You place a receiver on the garage door (gate, barrier), which, thanks to the output relay, executes the command to open the garage (gate, barrier, etc.). You can choose from two types, one suitable for mounting on a DIN rail, the other in a mounting box.

You then install a transmitter in the car, specifically the JA-185J type, which senses the flashing signal of your high beams. If you use our CA-2103 car alarm, you won't even need a transmitter. The car alarm reads the information about flashing the lights from the bus and sends the command to the receiver itself.

In addition, if you own a JABLOTRON 100+ home security system, you can do without a receiver. Send the signal from the car (either from the transmitter or from the car alarm) directly to the security system, which will use an output module to arrange for the door to listen to you when it flashes.

To make control not only simple, but also secure, communication between the transmitter and the receiver is protected by a floating code, which changes with each flash. As a result, there is no risk that anyone could scan the code and misuse it to gain unauthorized access to the garage. In addition, for greater security, you can choose whether the door should be set in motion immediately after the first flash or after a double flash. Alternatively, you do not only have to use flashing the lights for control, but you can also have a switch at your fingertips that activates the signal transmission.

Another advantage is the possibility of using smart controls in combination with classic manual controls. You will appreciate it especially with a larger number of users, for example in a company. You can combine different control options for up to 50 cars.


The main advantages of smart control from Jablotron:

  • you always have it at hand - it is part of the car,

  • you don't have to search for it for a long time, you can't lose it,

  • it is protected by a secure floating code.

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