Cherries or donated blood? The JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system can protect the most unexpected places


It is a little known fact that there are many surprisingly interesting ways that alarm systems have been implemented to solve complex and challenging problems across the globe. Our determined and creative installers in Spain have leapt to the challenge of stretching the capabilities of the system and themselves, where others may have given up. Read on to learn about looking after tasty cherries, preserving vital blood and perfecting public waterflow to benefit mankind.


Cherry care

In a distant Spanish orchard full of bright-red cherry trees, our flagship alarm the JABLOTRON 100+ keeps close attention on the success of every harvest, guarding essential business survival. Two sensitive probes continuously monitor the ambient temperature, and if the air temperature undershoots a certain temperature, the system starts fans between the trees creating an airflow of ambient or hot air as required. Frost is thereby prevented from settling on the cherry trees and killing the fruit.

Blood support

Secure blood and plasma storage is vital for saving lives. This precious liquid is however very delicate and needs to be kept within a critical temperature range to be effective. At the Blood and Tissue Transfusion Centre in Asturias, Northern Spain they use JABLOTRON 100+ temperature probes in each fridge to tigger an alarm via sirens, lights and keypad segments when the temperature is outside range. The manager on duty gets an instant SMS report to solve the situation quickly, and on problem resolution authorises himself by personal code to stop the alarm. All events are recorded as evidence for later verification and consultation. Long-term temperature graphs of all fridges are viewable by MyJABLOTRON alarm app and are easily exportable.

Water flow management

In Malaga in Southern Spain, water is pumped from a spring well to several reservoirs up to 25 km away. A way was needed for the main well to control the water levels in each respective reservoir, reliably and without delay. JABLOTRON came to the rescue with several interconnected JABLOTRON 100+ systems, one at each reservoir and the spring well too. Each reservoir tank is fitted with min and max water level sensors which report their data by alarm SMSes to the spring well, which then commands specific pumps at specific reservoirs as required. The beauty of this smart automation is that no people are needed, other than for maintenance when it can be manually overridden using the MyJABLOTRON app if need be. Huge savings are made on travel.

This is just a small taste of the huge versatility of the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system and our professional installers. If you need an unusual and challenging alarm solution, don’t hesitate to contact your local JABLOTRON installer. They will be delighted to help.

Follow our blog for more interesting alarm stories such as holiday village control, smart homes and heating, and even access control in gated communities.

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