A vacation is a sign of rest. Let us take care of your house

"Come on! We have to hurry to our rest! ”Such a vacation can be more stressful than restful. Anyone who has quarrelled with their partner while visiting a historic centre, and walked ten meters apart, knows this stuff. In short, you have to take a good holiday and put any sources of stress to one side.

Of course, the stress of worrying about "what's going on at home while we're on vacation" is very high on the list of holiday worries. And it is in these moments that you take full advantage of the functionality of the JABLOTRON 100+ system. Our system not only perfectly guards your building (with the best reliability on the market), it also controls it perfectly.

So let's try to list the traditional panic states that holidaymakers can find themselves in, in the middle of the highway in the Brenner Pass:

Panic scenarioWhat do we do?
"Our washing machine is leaking!" The flood detector immediately reports a water leak and the system closes the main valve in a few seconds.
"Shouldn't we have put the other car in a guarded parking lot?" You can watch your car's movement remotely in the app whenever you like. Maybe now. Or now. Or now. And if something happens, our Security Centre will take care of everything for you.
"A neighbour remembered that he wanted to borrow a spade from the garage." It doesn't matter. You can remotely unlock and open the garage. On the camera, you will be comforted that in addition to the spade, he did not borrow your special set of screwdrivers. After he leaves the garage, close it again and turn on the alarm again.
"We left the stove running!" A smoke or gas detector detects the problem at the very root of the fire, and the Security Centre calls for help.
"The light! We left the light on in front of the house!” There is nothing easier than setting up all the lights to turn off automatically when an alarm occurs.
"God, it's so hot at home, our lawn is drying up!" It won’t dry out. Lawn irrigation in the garden can be planned in advance in the calendar or activated remotely at any time.

We could come up with more such scenarios - and probably the result would always be the same: leave it to us, we will take care of it. Our system can be connected to virtually any device.

One of our customers once asked us to watch the whipped cream on her cakes. Once it melts, it's spoiled. Well, we had to think about the solution for a moment, but today the client watches her pastry on the phone, even though she is on a weekend wellness stay. And if by chance the temperature in the refrigerator rises, the system reports everything and adjusts itself.

We cannot guarantee that in the end you will not argue on holiday. However, you can count on having no worries about what's going on at home. So whether you have opted for Slovakian mountains, Spanish beaches or African elephants this year, we wish you a pleasant journey without any worries.

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