Smart home or alarm? The JABLOTRON system offers both

There’s no place like home. An ideal home can take many forms. Whether it is a cozy apartment, a family house with a garden, or a mobile home, we are primarily looking for refuge and comfort. The great thing is that you can ensure security and comfort with a single electronic system.

Along with the dynamic development of technologies, the requirements and expectations of their users are also growing. The terms "smart" or "smart home" are increasingly used. This is a trend of increasing comfort through comfortable control, which allows a myriad of different automated tasks from lighting control, blinds, garage doors or irrigation to heating.

2 in 1 - guard and butler

When you buy the JABLOTRON 100+ system, you will be rewarded with reliable services and you will increase the level of security and user comfort of your home. With a light dose of imagination and a skilled installation technician by your side, you can automate and remotely control almost anything. And now let‘s put the cards on the table: What you can use?

  • Up to 128 independent outputs for the control of lighting, irrigation, blinds, heating, garage doors, entrance gates, etc.
  • Switching on an output (performing a specific action) can be conditioned in various ways:
    • E.g. only at a certain time, from XXXX to YYYY
    • when disarmed / armed,
    • or the event will take place only if it is after 9 p.m. and is disarmed at the same time,
    • and countless other variants thanks to the possibility of logically combining conditions.
  • The On / off status can be linked to the current alarm status and the corresponding sections (parts of the house): let's say that when arming (leaving the house), selected sockets are switched off as reliable fire prevention from an electric kettle or stove / oven, and other possibilities.
  • Events can also be programmed in the calendar to take place on a specified day and time (regularly or as needed).
  • Condition the action with the current temperature:
    • when the set value is exceeded, for example, the external blinds are opened or the air conditioning in the server room is switched on, etc.
    • on the contrary, for example, in the winter in a cottage when the internal temperature falls below the specified limit, the underfloor heating or direct heaters will be switched on to prevent the building from freezing
    • and other variants of system settings.
  • Zone heating control:
    • the temperature can be set independently for each room, for a certain time and day of the week (weekly heating program),
    • remote control via the MyJABLOTRON application increases user comfort,
    • settings for individual zones bring significant energy savings,
    • There are many different ways of setting and regulating.
  • iOS users will also use the option of voice control (Siri) or shortcuts:
    • E.g. events on arrival at the house such as opening a garage door or turning on the lights in front of the house when returning in the dark,
    • about events connected with an alarm clock - lighting up, pulling up the blinds, starting some music, etc.,
    • and dozens of other solutions.

Take advantage of a wide range of other options, solutions, settings and combinations - it just depends on your imagination and needs.

Control from anywhere

All tasks can be performed according to a set schedule, or they can be performed manually whenever you remember via the MyJABLOTRON application. Thanks to this, you also have a constant overview of the status of the system and your home. Feel free to turn on the lawn watering directly from the beach during the holidays, or turn on the heating before returning from skiing in the evening to come back to a pleasantly warm environment. And if you're at home, the alarm keypad or remote control will also help you control it.

Alarm + automation = the perfect match

Thanks to the connection of the alarm and automation functions, you can prevent the burglary of your home even more effectively. As soon as the JABLOTRON alarm sends an intrusion signal, scenarios can begin to play out that discourage the uninvited „visitor“ and help protect your property. For example, in the event of an alarm, the system immediately pulls up the blinds throughout the house, starts flashing lights and triggers sirens. It immediately informs you of the situation via the MyJABLOTRON application so that you can take the necessary measures.

Worry-free installation

A big bonus of the system is its variability. Thanks to the wireless versions of the entire range of products, we can also expand your already installed system at any time, without the need to significantly affect the interior. A trained, certified installation technician will best advise you on this, who will design a solution, perform the installation and ensure reliable, regular service.

Whether you want to expand the possibilities of your existing alarm or purchase a completely new system, including automation, contact a certified Jablotron installation partner. He will prepare a solution exactly according to your ideas.

I want a smart home