With a JABLOTRON alarm, you‘re never left alone during a burglary

Burglary in a house or business? None of us wants to experience that. An alarm helps to prevent these situations and minimize damage. In addition, when the building is really invaded, with the JABLOTRON security system you can be sure that you are not alone.

What if someone has broken in?

Have you ever wondered how you would react to the door of your apartment with a broken lock open right in front of you? And what's worse, you don't know whether only a mess awaits you inside, or maybe an uninvited visitor in the form of a robber.

Whether you're a mum with a baby in your arms and another child in a stroller next to you, a family returning from vacation or a fitness centre owner, you really don't want to meet a thief. Who knows what else could happen…

With an alarm, it’s a different story

With the same situation – i.e. someone has broken into your house or company, thanks to your JABLOTRON alarm you will not be helpless and frightened at the door.

The system works like extra eyes, a bodyguard, an answering machine and an informant all in one.

Let's explore what happens when someone breaks into an area secured by a JABLOTRON alarm.

  • As soon as any glass breaks or the door/window is broken, the system will sound an alarm and you will immediately know about the problem via a push notification or SMS message. The control panel records everything carefully in the event history (recording any movements outside and inside the building, information about broken glass, opening doors / windows etc., including the exact times when what happened).
  • Using the MyJABLOTRON app, you can immediately check remotely whether someone has actually broken into the area, or the thief was deterred by the sounding of the alarm and escaped. With cameras connected to the system, you can see a live preview of current events on site in the app, as well as a minute’s video clip from the alarm event (30 seconds before and after the event).
  • If the alarm system is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), the operators respond to the alarm 24/7 and immediately send an emergency vehicle to the site to check the situation. All this happens even if you are currently on holiday or anywhere else without a cell phone signal, i.e. you would just learn about the alarm later when you get a cell phone signal again. In any case, we recommend that you always have alarm events checked by the ARC’s intervention unit and not engage the situation on your own.

In summary, the security system is meant to be a deterrent. However, it will reliably protect you even in the extreme case of a burglary occurring.

Don't leave your security to chance.

Contact a certified installation technician who can prepare a tailor-made offer for you. Be sure to use the wide range of features, including home/business automation. The JABLOTRON alarm is your loyal protector and servant.

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