An easy way to secure property in common areas

Are you tired of solving the difficulty of storing sports equipment, bicycles and other valuables in your own apartment, which you are afraid to do in the common areas of the building? Whether in an apartment building or a block of flats, the electronic security system is a quiet, unobtrusive and reliable guard against thieves and the elements. Easy professional installation and a good price are a matter of course.

The more people, the greater the risk

Bikes, tools, sports equipment, strollers, you could certainly add to the list a number of other valuable things that you have stored in the basement, bike shed, on the balcony or elsewhere. But how to look after them is the question. There are a lot of these "endangered" things in large apartment buildings. And in addition, due to the movement of a large number of people, it is desirable to watch who enters the building, as well as the threat of fire or flood in common areas and other possible risks.

A reliable security guard, assistant and doorman

The electronic security system will undoubtedly find its important application in prefabricated and apartment buildings as well. The JABLOTRON 100+ saves a lot of worries and handles for you:

  • opening the doors and managing the right to enter the building and common areas (cellars, pram rooms, bicycle sheds, etc.),
  • monitors common areas with motion detectors and door / window opening detectors,
  • by connecting environmental detectors, you will extend the protection of the building against fire, flood, leakage of toxic gases,
  • cameras and photo-detectors can also be connected to the system and it is easy to control who entered the building or common areas,
  • if anyone enters without authorization (is not detected in the section using a code, card or chip), the alarm immediately reports the unauthorized intrusion to your mobile phone via the MyJABLOTRON application, or sends a message to the Security Center (if the service is part of the contract),
  • The bonus is, thanks to the possibility to combining wired and wireless detectors, easy and fast installation without the need for major interventions in interiors.

Even a single JABLOTRON 100+ system control panel can simultaneously protect up to 15 sections, i.e. different parts of the building with limited access (e.g. entrance area, pram room, bike shed + cellars / attic, or up to 14 apartments and 1 common section - corridor, etc.). For practical reasons, the owner usually handles the acquisition of the alarm directly for the individual apartments.

How to further strengthen the protection of the apartment and privacy?

In addition to the alarm, six other simple safety principles can help you keep calm.

  • Do not hesitate to invest in quality security doors and locks.
  • Always close the front doors, one after the other and make sure that it can only be opened with a key, chip or code.
  • Get security foils and/or grilles on low-lying windows.
  • Do not leave valuables on open balconies, which can also function as an unwanted "invitation" to visit an apartment for thieves. Although less likely, there is a risk of theft on the upper floors of the house.
  • Don't let anyone you don't know into the building.
  • And don't forget the familiar saying "trust, but check." Good neighborly relations are priceless. Unfortunately, sometimes even the inhabitants of the same building or their visitors are tempted by something that you leave unattended in the hallway or in the common areas.

If you are wondering if the alarm is suitable for your building, what the installation entails and how much it would cost, contact a certified JABLOTRON installation partner, who will answer all your questions and prepare a tailor-made offer.

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