Carefree holidays

Whether you go abroad this summer or stay in the local countryside, don't forget to secure your house or apartment before you leave. During the holidays and vacations, the "working" season of thieves really culminates. If you use a Jablotron alarm, the preparations before holidays will be a lot easier for you. Just follow a few basic precautions and you can leave your property with a clear head.

To enjoy your holiday in peace and stress-free, it is important to make sure that your alarm works reliably and that your home is secure. Finding out in your tent that the wireless detector tells you that it needs to have its batteries replaced can be very annoying and, most importantly, unnecessary. Therefore, we recommend having the entire security system checked by a certified installation partner before the trip. He will check, for example:

  • the battery status of wireless detectors and their functionality,
  • the functionality of environmental detectors, such as temperature and smoke detectors, gas-leak detectors and flood detectors

In addition, an access code can be set for a friend or neighbour who will come to feed your cat and water the flowers.

Tip: If you do not have contact with the installation partner who installed or is currently servicing your alarm, you can check our map.

Next steps for security

Have you had the alarm checked and are you still worried that something unexpected will happen at home? There is nothing easier than starting to use the MyJABLOTRON application to the full. You have an overview of what is happening in your home, wherever you are, and  you can also remotely control your home. And to start watering the lawn, for example, when a heat wave comes.

Another way to enhance the security of your home is to connect an IP verification camera or motion detector that takes photos. This means you will be right in the picture, regardless of whether you are sunbathing at the cottage or climbing mountain peaks hundreds of kilometres away.

Contact your local installer for a service check