Alarms and kids - thoughtful protection, simple operation, constant overview

Have the kids come home from school yet? Did they forget to shut the house in the morning? Have they been trying the new drill we bought yesterday? How to make sure they don't go into the pool alone? Are they spending the whole afternoon on the Internet before I return? Is this your experience? Do you also have a head full of parental worries? Thankfully, the JABLOTRON alarm is here to help you. And even the kids can playfully control it.

Everyday responsibilities, caring for the family and the house, planning to keep everything going smoothly - this is not an easy task. We need to have an overview and keep up-to-date. Ideally, perhaps to be in two places at once. How not to go crazy about it? So, why not use a capable and reliable helper, a security system that can do much more than just protect against burglary.

Monitoring, reports, security, and prevention

So how can the JABLOTRON alarm make your life easier and your kids safe?

  • Do you go to work before the children go to school? With the help of the MyJABLOTRON application, you can easily check from anywhere whether they have forgotten to set the alarm when they leave, and if need be, you can do it remotely yourself.
  • It does not matter if the children do not contact you after returning from school. As soon as they come home and trigger the alarm, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone. With a photodetector or video camera in the system, you can also easily check in the app, for example, whether they arrived alone or with friends.

Thanks to the possibility of dividing the building into up to 15 different sections (limited access) and assigning individual access rights to each section, you can clearly determine where children are allowed and where they are not. Even if you forget to lock the limited areas, you will find out immediately and you can intervene in time if the children happen to go to, for example:

  • workshops where you store expensive and dangerous tools and all other possible tools (mower, drill, saw, sharp and pointed objects, etc.), or flammable substances such as paints, varnishes, thinners, industrial alcohol, etc.,
  • cleaning rooms (kids are very unlikely to clean up :), but you don't have to worry about checking any cleaning and disinfecting agents),
  • swimming pool in the garden - if it is covered, you can use door-opening detectors (magnets); the outdoor pool can be guarded by outdoor motion sensors or infrared barriers.

Access, the elements and parental control

Don't open up to anyone you don't know. We've all heard it countless times, as have our children. Maybe it's Grandma, but maybe not. Here, too, the JABLOTRON alarm can help, thanks to the possibility of connecting a video camera to the system.

  • Even children can watch the livestream in the MyJABLOTRON application and simply not let any strangers into the house.

Fire, water or gasEnvironmental detectors constantly monitor the environment in rooms and report any suspicious changes.

  • Learn about accidents or the consequences of thoughtless children's games immediately and you can prevent any major damage. And above all, protect the lives and health of your children when they are alone at home.

Last but not least, you can watch when and for how long children watch TV or surf the Internet, whether on a computer or mobile phone.

  • Through the MyJABLOTRON application and programmable alarm outputs, you can also remotely switch off selected mains sockets and thus disable Wi-Fi, television, or other devices that you do not want children to use in your absence (stove, washing machine, etc.).

Simple control

The children know the principle of traffic lights well, so they will understand alarm control immediately. Red = stop / do not enter, green = you‘re free / you can go. It is not even necessary to memorize a code to use the alarm. To authorize, simply apply a practical keyfob to the reading sensor of the keypad.

We offer you professional tailor-made solutions. Think about everything we can help you with at home so that you can immediately remove it from your list of worries. Do not hesitate to contact a certified installation partner and agree on an installation design according to your wishes.

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