5 steps to the right alarm

The ideal opportunity for the installation of a home alarm is during construction or reconstruction. However, thanks to the development of wireless technologies, today you can equip a long-inhabited home with a security system. What things need to be considered in advance in order to be satisfied for many years to come?

Installation type

Carefully consider whether you dare to install the security system on your own separately or entrust it to the professionals. The "Do it yourself" model may sound attractive, but it usually does not reach the qualities of a professional installation, both in terms of functionality and in terms of user comfort. Health and security are some of the most important values in life, so just like when you go to the doctor in case of illness, we recommend a certified installation partner here.

System operation

It is necessary to realize that you will be in contact with the alarm practically every day, therefore its operation should be as user-friendly as possible. Mobile applications are almost a matter of course today, but keep in mind that your young children will control the system too. Therefore, the possibility of easy authorization by chip is also suitable.

Connection to Alarm Receiving Centres

And speaking of that application: although it gives a great awareness of what is happening at home, it is not the whole story. Are you sure that you will always have time to look after everything yourself or with the help of friends? What do you do when someone breaks into a building? We therefore recommend connecting the alarm to an Alarm Receiving Centre, which monitors the building for you and, in the event of an alarm, sends an intervention squad to the site.

Smart features

Once the alarm is in place to keep you secure, wouldn't it be worthwhile to help you be more comfortable? Therefore, also look at the possibilities of expanding the system with smart home functions, such as remote control of a thermostat, lighting or a garage door. We believe that you will be thankful many times later for purchasing them.


Even a perfect alarm needs servicing from time to time, which does not necessarily mean resolving the fault, but only the regular replacement of the batteries in the siren. Therefore, when choosing, also consider the following aspect: Is there a sufficient service network in the vicinity of your residence? How long will you wait for the technician to arrive? Every day of delay means that your home is not fully secure. And you definitely don't want that ...

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