Protect your caravan or campervan with JABLOTRON alarm system

Caravans and campervans have recently come into the spotlight as an interesting new trend for holiday making. This has not however escaped the attention of thieves who could easily spoil your vacation by targeting you if you don’t organise some effective security measures soon. Our advice is to get a CA-2103 JABLOTRON alarm system to take care of caravan or campervan security while you concentrate on your family relaxing and having fun.

What can an alarm do for my caravan?

Detectors can be used that form an extension to your car alarm, such as a magnetic detector which signals a door intrusion, or a glass-break detector which indicates destroyed windows. Nothing can happen in your caravan without you knowing instantly.

What extra can an alarm do for my campervan?

In addition to the above, motion detectors loyally stay alert to any unwanted human presence, tilt detectors look out for any attempts a stealing your wheels, towing off or other forms of tampering. Moreover, an immobilizer blocks the engine from starting if accessed with a false key, not giving thieves a chance to drive a single inch, with our loud siren drawing attention to their activities and sowing confusion for them too.

Extra detectors such as tilt detectors and motion sensors can be employed to protect caravan awning, external storage boxes and the surroundings as well.

The alarm even protects you at night by guarding the exterior in partial mode. Anyone approaching will trigger the siren to wake you up and scare them off.

Controlling the alarm could not be simpler, just press a button on your remote control or even better use the popular MyJABLOTRON app to monitor and control from anywhere, including locating your vehicle.

What next?

Now’s the time to think ahead and prepare your caravan. Join this spreading holiday trend with the right choice of the JABLOTRON CA-2103 alarm to ensure your carefree holiday. Contact a local JABLOTRON installer for a demonstration and professional installation.

Feature reminder:

  • Easy control via keyfob and MyJABLOTRON app
  • Monitors doors, windows, human movement, tampering, other equipment
  • Can be connected to an Alarm Receiving Station
  • Attractive device designs
  • No messy wiring
  • All technical and practical details done by our installers – no stress

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