Make your life easier by the simple monitoring of car trips, loads and drivers

Does your brain go numb when you try to remember where you drove a week ago, where the refuelling documents ended up, or which colleague had the company car that day? Relax, help is at hand. With our vehicle monitoring, you have quite a few options.

Everything monitored automatically

Nowadays, a monitoring unit is a fairly common part of vehicle equipment. Why, you may ask? Basically it is a very practical idea. You can use it as a private person, sole trader or a larger company.

It doesn't matter where or in what role you are. You can monitor the movement of cars as a dispatcher on your work PC, a foreman on a construction site on a laptop, or in the comfort of your home on a mobile phone, when you tell your friends about where you have been on holiday. Thanks to the MyJABLOTRON application, you can see the current position of a car on the map anytime and anywhere. So you have an overview of, for example, where a colleague, a delivery truck or a son returning home for the weekend is. You can also use your account to share car information with other users and assign them different access rights.

Great benefits for companies and sole traders

All information in one place - the main feature.

What does the logbook offer?

  • mileage monitoring,
  • refuelling costs and other related expenses
  • display of exact routes (even several at once)
  • exporting data to CSV files or archives and printing in PDF format.

So if you need to find out when a vehicle returned from a business trip, deal with a repeatedly fast drive or a fine that arrived after a few months, just look at the logbook history and you have everything at hand. Even if you forget to save the data, we archive all drive history in the app for at least two years.

In general, the logistics unit in companies also helps to prevent unnecessary trips, so that investment in equipment is soon returned and reduces vehicle operating costs in the long run.

Three monitoring variants according to your needs

If you don't have a unit in the car yet, don't worry, it can be easily solved in three different ways.

Basic logistics unit:

  • ideal if you don’t need to register multiple users – e.g. for a self-employed person or a family
  • easy power supply connection via a cigarette lighter socket (no need for professional power installation)

Advanced logistics unit:

  • intended for fleets, trucks or construction machinery,
  • allows you to identify multiple drivers using an RFID chip reader
  • the ability to switch between business and private driving.
  • easy and fast installation by a certified installation technician.

Car alarm:

  • for private and company cars
  • in addition to all the already-mentioned advantages, it also ensures the security of the car against burglary and theft
  • connection to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre)
  • Thanks to wireless peripherals and maximum use of the car's original switches, a trained service technician installs the system within a few hours and with minimal interference to the car interior

So no matter which car product you decide on, you can be sure that you will have peace of mind from the day of installation. It's good to have a reliable partner - both on the road and when the car is stationary.

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