An easy way to avoid car worries at home and on the road

Has it happened to you that with your arms full of shopping, tired from being all day at work, you could barely close your car door and you went home without locking the car? Or on vacation, at a concert, or on a drive break? And when you realized it, your heart skipped a beat, as this time nothing bad happened…

The ATHOS car alarm from JABLOTRON ALARMS will remind you by SMS in similar situations thanks to the "unsecured vehicle alert“ function. You can then go back and lock your vehicle, or at least remotely secure it from the MyJABLOTRON app. The security system will be on guard and will reliably inform you of any problems.

A car alarm knows no boundaries and remembers everything

We are talking about geographical boundaries. You will learn about vehicle breakdowns and other events immediately, whether you are in the Czech Republic, Europe or beyond.

Security is the basis of a car alarm. However, ATHOS will also serve, for example, as a journal of your holiday, or an inspiration for friends and family when you tell them about your travels. The MyJABLOTRON application carefully records all the movements of the car and you can share the routes travelled with whoever you want.

ATHOS not only protects vehicles

Thanks to the use of wireless detectors, you can even secure a caravan, mobile market stall or building site cabin. You can easily check if it is secured via the mobile application, and you can control the alarm remotely. The system also offers the Geofence function, which notifies you if the monitored object leaves the specified location. Thieves don’t stand a chance of success.

What can a quality car alarm monitor?

  • movement in the interior or cargo area of the car
  • breaking windows
  • opening the doors, boot, bonnet
  • impacts or accidents
  • the tilt sensor signals towing the car or removing the wheels
  • the immobilizer makes it impossible to start the engine
  • the siren interrupts thieves and alerts the surroundings

The system must be hidden in the vehicle compartment to achieve the required security level. Certified partners will make maximum use of existing original door switches and wireless detectors during installation, so you don't have to worry about major interventions in the body and wiring.

So pack an ATHOS car alarm for your trips, it's definitely worth the peace of mind.

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