We understand your need to protect everything that is precious to you. We bring useful ideas and solutions to simplify your life, ensure security and comfort with our technologies and get an immediate overview of what is happening at home or in the company.

Make your life easier by the simple monitoring of car trips, loads and drivers


Does your brain go numb when you try to remember where you drove a week ago, where the refuelling documents ended up, or which colleague had the…

Smart home or alarm? The JABLOTRON system offers both


There’s no place like home. An ideal home can take many forms. Whether it is a cozy apartment, a family house with a garden, or a mobile home, we are…

An easy way to secure property in common areas


Are you tired of solving the difficulty of storing sports equipment, bicycles and other valuables in your own apartment, which you are afraid to do…

Alarms and kids - thoughtful protection, simple operation, constant overview


Have the kids come home from school yet? Did they forget to shut the house in the morning? Have they been trying the new drill we bought yesterday?…

Why doesn't an alarm from a supermarket or DIY store pay off?


Do you also like to go to DIY stores or supermarkets and look for things to improve your home? For example, an alarm that you can install yourself…

How to configure blinds to work on command


Wouldn't it be great to have a faithful servant at home who would reliably fulfil your every wish? The JABLOTRON alarm easily replaces this role and…

An easy way to avoid car worries at home and on the road


Has it happened to you that with your arms full of shopping, tired from being all day at work, you could barely close your car door and you went home…