CA-340-24V Nestor

Classic car alarm for vehicles with on-board 24V, acoustic and optical alarm and immobilizer . It supports wireless communication with devices such as detectors or siren.

CA-340-24V Nestor

It is car alarm to protect vehicles. It features an acoustic sounder for alarm, immobilizer and optical signaling using flasher signals.

Can control central locking. Installation of the alarm can be extended to wireless detectors, which can protect the car interior or exterior (garage, trailer).

The car Alarm can be armed even partially, and the temporary bypassing of certain inputs.

It is possible to enroll the car alarm as a detector or alarm system, and using the EYE-02 to watch vehicle through a household security system.

A CA-340SIR can be used as a siren under the bonnet. This alarm allows ease of programming via the CA340PRG.

The CA-340-24V - can set the car alarm for installation in vehicles with a 24V on-board without the original remote. Supplied with 2 x RC-82 remotes


Voltage 24 V DC
Frequency 1 RF channel 868.5 MHz
Transmitter power <25 mW ERP
Operating temperature range -40 ° C to 85 ° C
Alarm Duration 30 mins
Immobilizer circuit rating 8 A continuous, 12 A intermittant
PGM output rating 25 mA
Load of outputs ULK / LCK200 mA
Detector voltage drop activated 20 minutes after arming td> tr>
Protection (EN 60529) IP30
Shock Detector adjustable sensitivity
Dimensions 118 x 80 x 35 mm
Can be operated to ERC REC 70-03
Meets EN 60950-1, ISO 7637, ISO 11452, CISPR-12, ETSI EN 300220

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CA-340 Nestor

Klassische Autoalarmanlage mit akustischer und optischen Anzeige und Immobiliser. Unterstützt die Kommunikation mit den drahtlosen Peripherien, wie z.B. Sirene oder Melder.

CA-340CAN Nestor

Car alarm with acoustic and optical signalization and immobilization. The car alarm supports communication with wireless peripherals such a siren or detectors. Set is delivered with Can-Bus module, without RC-8x controllers.