JA-63K control panel

A wired control panel with 4 loops, 2 sections, 4 outputs, 15 user codes, a 127 event memory, security level 2 according to EN 50131, 230VAC, a power sourceof up to 500 mA, and space for a 12V / 2.6 Ah battery

JA-63K control panel

JA-63K control panel

In the plastic box of the JA-63 there is a power supply and space for the backup battery with a capacity of 1.3 or 2.6 Ah.

The JA-63 motherboard are four input terminals for wire loops (with the option of single or double balancing). If the control panel is equipped with a radio module (JA-63KR), it has 16 wireless zones for JA-60 series detectors (2 detectors can be enrolled to each zone). You can also use up to 8 wireless keypads or remote controls, JA-60A wireless sirens and UC-2XX wireless output modules. To extend the system's control panel, it can be enrolled to another JA-6x sub-type wireless control panel. This superior system acquires information about events from the slave sub-panel control panel.

When fully configured (installation of all modules) you can have a 16 zone 4 loop wireless + wired system. The control panel can be divided into two user-programmable independent sections with shared parts (split mode control panel).

The panel can be fitted with two types of communicators:

  • The JA-65X communicator transmits voice messages, SMS messages through an SMS server, communicates with ARCs and allows remote access from an installer's or user's PC (using ComLink SW and a JA-60U).
  • The JA-60GSM communicator sends SMS messages, calls predefined numbers and plays audible warnings, communicates with two ARCs, allows remote access from a phone keypad and settings via a web site. Allows for telephone connection to the building, as well as sending and receiving SMSes, and Internet access. You can also control two devices in the building - such as heating and air conditioning.


The JA-63 PROFI alarm system has won the following awards:
Secutech 2004 Coneco 2004
SecuTech Innovations Award 2004 Golden Plaque Coneco 2004


control panel power 230 V / 50 Hz, max 0.1 A, Protection class II
Backup battery 12 V, 1.3 Ah or 2.6, the system automatically recharges the battery and checks its condition, normal battery lifetime is about 5 years
Backup power output maximum continuous load 0.4 A, intermittent load up to 1.2 A for 15 min
Control panel standby consumption 30 mA, JA-60E = 25 mA
number of wireless zones ** 16 (each can be assigned to up to 2 wireless detectors), i.e. up to 32 detectors
number of wired zones 4, optional types of loop activation (double balanced, single balanced, normally closed loop)
relay output contact 60 VDC / 1 A
optional outputs PGX, PGY max 0.1 A, switching to GND, programmable function
siren output max load 0.7 A
event memory last 127 events with date and time
operating frequency ** 433.92 MHz
level of security 2 according to EN50131-1, EN 50131-6
designed for environments class II. (-10 to +40 ° C) according to EN 50131-1
Also meets:
Radio Emissions (EMC)

Electrical Safety
ETSI EN 300220
ETS 300683
EN 60950
phone dialer * 2 voice alarm messages to 4 tel. numbers (can be assigned to different events)
SMS alarm messages - through Jablotron
digital transmission to an ARC
modem communications with remote computer
Complies with EN 301 437
* for CPs equipped with a telephone communicator
** valid for CPs equipped radio modules type R